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Kirby – 2008-06-02 7:49 PM Thanks J.R. and Jai, I had left only one word in for one character. I didn’t even think about it being offensive, Jai. Thank you for letting me know about that. I will put back in the gonnas and contractions, but leave out the brogue. The professor did suggest that certain ways to write the flow of a sentence can create the illusion of a brogue in writing. He had us read a couple of examples. It was very interesting. Jai lol. I really didn’t mean to make the professor sound like an ogre. He was very nice and had many other good points. I think he missed the mark on this one, though. Thank you again!

I was offended on your behalf, Kirby. It makes sense to use a student’s paper to show what students should be doing but not what they shouldn’t be doing. How rude.

However, if you say he wasn’t an ogre then I’ll believe you.