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Mikala Engel

TerryT – 2008-06-01 10:01 AM Most of my characters would probably say, “gonna.” However, I opt for “going to” instead. If the character uses it once, it only makes sense to have them use it every time. And, ‘going to’/gonna is something that creeps up frequently in conversation. To me, it just feels weird to see “gonna” over and over again throughout a story. It starts to annoy me after a while.

 There’s a time and place for both “gonna” and “going to,” but it depends on the situation.  What matters is what’s true to the character.  As in many other areas, consistency in dialogue is important.

But if any word appears too often, the problem is probably with the dialogue itself, not the word choice.  Even in a novel, a character shouldn’t have opportunity to say either “gonna” or “going to” very often.