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dgford – 2007-12-14 12:05 PM

I had a feeling I would get nailed on this one, I should have broke it to you all gently. LOL But thanks for the plethara of info on the rose.
It is almost (not quite) personified. I liked the way you started off: (some of which may or may not be true). Thank you for going to all the
trouble to help nail some suggestions down. It is all good stuff.

Where eagles fly,
Don (Greywolf)?

This was no trouble at all. Years ago I wrote a series of Sword and Sorcery stories where the main character was called (among other things) The Lord of Roses. He was a supernatural being somewhere between the Eqyptian God Horus and the character of Death from the Tarot deck so I did a lot of research on roses and various cultural signifigances to see where I might be able to pull out and archtype or two. (I would have been a lot more productive in those days if someone had cooked up the world wide web about 25 years earlier…)

The caveat was meant only as a reminder that all legends change in the retelling, different cultures associate diffierent meanings to the same symbols and, in the end, there are a lot of odd traditions and symbols in our culture that we generally accept but will probably never REALLY know the where, how and why of. Anyway, hope this gives you some ideas and good luck with your story.

Oh, and if she doesn’t know about the “confrontation” tradition of yellow roses, I wouldn’t share it; that’s just a no-win-scenario waiting to happen…