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I have read most of your pieces and really like them. There is something to be said about the “old school” way of things. There was less divorce, happier children and bigger families. My husband is an Italian Firefighter, strong, stubborn and the kindest man I have ever known. Having been to hell and back, I can honestly say that women are hard wired to be the “softer” of the two sexes. We think with emotion not logic. Why we have chosen to fight the original make of our genes is beyond me. Obviously we are just as intellegent and can make just as much if not more than men. If I could make as much as my husband he would be more than happy to stay home. Yet, if that is the path chosen, don’t complain when you can’t handle the hours or the corporate injustice of it all. And just because you may make the money doesn’t mean you wear the pants in the family. Let your man be the man. They need to be head of house hold, protector and lover. That doesn’t mean they are making all the choices, that just means you respect their natural make-up. They need to watch football, need to be with friends, need to be needed. My husband works two jobs yet, comes home and lovingly cooks dinner, helps with chores and plays with the kids. We have friends over and find time for ourselves. If more women would just see how easy it is to respect our differences, they would also realize why its a man’s world…because he just wants us to be happy.

I think you should start submitting your pieces to men’s magazines…they would do well 🙂