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I’m sorry, I’m not sure about this. It seems stubbly???

The first line seemed elegant, and then I read the second which seems kinda flippant??

Second Stanza:

Jewels and Blankets are both plural, but then you write: Hidden in its (singular) many folds.??

Third stanza

The first two lines are softer and somewhat elegant?, but then the last line is so flippant.

I’m just not sure what of this.


dgford – 2007-10-14 3:01 PM

The  Pearl  Keepers

It lives upon the ocean floor

Open for business all the time

But when it closes up its mouth

It traps its food inside


A search for jewels under blankets

Hidden in its many folds

Hidden in this secret place

And over time it grows

Another girl’s best friend they say,

With shiny – softer glow

As bubbles rise from oyster shells

We could say ‘thar she blows’