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jimdens – 2008-11-11 7:16 AM

G-Girl – 2008-11-11 2:44 AM Mike, Tails, you give me hope for this generation. You may be “kids,” but you’ve got more sense than a lot of people I know twice your age. 🙂 Even though they’re not posting here, that goes for Sarah Jane and Mustang too.

That’s what I was going to say.  You both seem very mature for your age, and I see you finding true love in your life, though it may be a while, and you’ll probably have to go through a few tough “non-loving” relationships to get there.  Hey, I’ve got an idea!  Why don’t the two of you get together?  Hee-hee, little matchmaker I am. 🙂

Why am I always the target for these kinds of things…;)