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As a young person today advertizers have drawn a gigantic bulls-eye on my back. I’ve always tried to live as much out of the influence of today’s media as I possibly can. Now, after reading all of your posts, I see it’s still managed to get to me, to some extent.

I read your posts and realize I am utterly baffled. I can understand the romance of the chase. But everything after that is mind-boggling. All we have to go on in our understanding of love is what we see in movies. And since when has there been a decent, realistic movie about love between two people who have been married for 25 years or more?

Of course, it’s easy to see how we’ve all been misled, what with the blasé attitude towards sex, marriage, and divorce. Not to mention all the pornography that pervades society. Anton LaVey would be proud.

I guess I’ve tossed around the word romance without knowing what it actually is. I think I’ve posed a question that’s out of my depth. So I think I’ll observe the discussion as opposed to actually participating. Maybe I’ll learn something.