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Ozymandius – 2008-11-09 8:55 PM Just as a note, for the purpose of this thread I say “love” referring to romantic love as opposed to the family/friendly kind. Love is a big part of almost everyone’s life. Most people spend their lives searching for it. But it doesn’t seem like many are actually finding true love. Freud said sex was pretty much the motive behind almost every action. I’d like to think there’s something more to it, although I fear he might be correct. What is love really all about for you? More importantly, have romance and chivalry died? Can they ever be brought back to life? I have my own opinions, but I want to read those of others first because I’m not sure where I should begin.

Hi Mike – I might add more to this later, being fresh out of a relationship and all I feel pretty raw and vulnerable, so I’ll say what I can for now.

Love to me is feeling the man I am with is the most irresistible person on earth. He is who I want to see first in the morning and who I want to wrap around at night. He interrupts my thoughts during my work day. His touch, his kiss, his smell, melt me. I cry when I thank God he has come into my life. I always want to hold his hand, touch his arm, kiss his cheek. When he is away I wrap up in his favorite shirt. I want to live to be 150 with him. There is nothing we can’t deal with together. He encourages me to grow and makes sure we are not boring. We are healthy, happy, secure, and have peace and joy in our lives. Our sex intensifies our love and we are not shy. I wish I met him years ago. Someday I hope we find each other.

Romance and chivalry are not dead. They are just not appreciated. I’ve noticed many people act as though they think they are supposed to, and not how they want to. And they settle. As far as Freud, sex is a big thing but it’s not the only thing. I guess it depends on what a person is after.

I think the answer to your question about true love is that it cannot be generalized. It has to be a certain way for each person and that person has to find a mate that they know that person, and only that person, is the one they will cherish until the last star falls from the sky. One thing I know for sure is life is too short to spend time with someone who isn’t the one, especially when you dream of finding the one that could release your soul.