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I’d have to say most of my jokes are as flat as the beer they serve at The Comedy Lounge. Take last night, please.

Anyway, I’m up on the stage, bombing as usual when this creepy heckler won’t shut up. I can’t get a punchline in edgewise.

He yells, “Hey stupid, get the hell off the stage and let somebody funny on!”

So I peer into the darkened corner and barely make him out. Great; he’s the guy sitting in a wheelchair. So I yell back, “Yeah, you think you can do better, why dontcha walk up here and show me how it’s done?”

He makes a nasty crack about my punchlines and I offer to go back there and let the air outta his tires.

I grab the wireless mike and jump down from the stage. I get in his face, “You think you’re so damned funny, why don’t you show me how it’s done?”

So he grabs the mike and starts telling cripple jokes. The whole room’s bustin’ out with laughter. The spotlight’s on this guy and he can’t lose. The wheelchair guy’s on a roll. The joke about paraplegic sex really has them rolling in the aisles. The handicapped parking 1 liners clinch it.

Upstaged by a heckler. Happens to me every night.