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Kerry, thanks for answering so promptly.  I am so glad you agree with me.  I thought probably it was just me getting old.  To my mind, such usage of the English language is sacriligious.  As for the Bible stuff, I figured that it was really just as you said; but, I had to ask.

I enjoy so much the posting you do and have learned from them.  Thank you.  I think I mentioned once before about the wonderful English teachers I had in high school.  I wanted to be a teacher, but was so lousy in math, I was too chicken to even try for college back in my day.  Things were a great deal stricter and you had to maintain at least a B average.  I was an A student in English and History, or C or B- for all the others.  The only reason I passed Business math was that I laughed at the math teachers jokes (who byw looked like Igabod Crane).  His favorite poem was “Push a little, push little John, on the Delaware Lacawan.”  I have no idea where he got that from and I never found out. Do you know?

Oh well, stories from the long ago, but not always forgotten.  Thanks again.