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The_Penciled_One – 2008-05-21 5:09 PM

Hmmm dont mean to be a downer but I will be the frist and the proably the most coragous to say that I Disliked the book.
Given I had to read it for school but all in all i found it mostly dry and by all means a somehow pointless book. Now do not give me a lecture on the book I understand the theme and etc. Otherwise I am glad some ppl are enjoying such a classic although I will keep my nose wrinkled in disgust.

You’re not alone in not being a fan of the book. Personally, I respect it, I think people should read it, but it’s not really my cup of tea, as it were. I wouldn’t call it pointless though. Some people, through person experience, socio-economic status, location, education and/or family history just find it easier to relate to its poignancy than others.

I think it’s the sort of book that loses something on a high school required reading list. Urban youth with free money, recreational cell phones, a secure roof over their heads and perpetually full stomachs really aren’t in a position to appreciate the work. The story seems more real once you have mortgage, a leaky roof, a pregnant wife, a hard choice between buying groceries and buying gas, and a memo from your boss warning that layoffs are possible next quarter…