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Hang on to your ideas Everett–concentrate on non-fiction for a time, but keep the rest on the back burner so to speak. I have no idea how old you are, but I do know that many disorders, OCD and ADD included, can wane over time (at least for a while). What is impossible for you now may not be in a few years. I haven’t quite the opinion of my imagination that you do of yours, but I too have invented some incredibly complex worlds that I do not have the discipline to put down on paper. Perhaps I will someday, perhaps not–maybe I’ll write a “writer’s prompt” book. 😉 Very few writers want to work from someone else’s ideas (any more than you would)–and even fewer, I suspect, would be able to do it well. I concentrate mostly on short stories, non-fiction, and poetry—things that I don’t get lost in—and leave the rest to the imagination.