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Raisintoast – I don’t think doing something you have to, like the laundry or cooking dinner or mowing the lawn, counts as procrastination. Or counts as you ‘not really wanting to write’. We all have things we HAVE to do when we would really rather be doing something else. I, for one, have certain commitments that take up a lot of my time. And sometimes, I’d rather be typing away at my keyboard. But, laundry does need to get done, the dog does need to get walked, and dinner does need to be cooked.

It’s when I’m sitting around, twiddling my thumbs, doing anything other than writing, that I know the procrastination bug has bit me. Sometimes, the bug goes away in a few minutes, and other times it may take a few days. I don’t bother stressing about it too much, because I love to write and I always find my way back to whatever story I’m working on. Not because I have to, but I hate not to.

If having a ‘writing coach’ is what works for you, jlblanchard3, then that’s a good thing and you should keep at it. I would just keep an eye on your pocket book, that’s all! It seems like a lot of money to pay someone to get you motivated to do something that should probably come naturally in the first place.