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Ok…first off, I DO NOT “poach” other people’s ideas. When I said I was using your advice, I meant I was going to talk about setting deadlines in a blog post, which is not an idea unique unto you. You’re not the ONLY writer in the entire writing world who sets their own deadlines. But thanks for the attack on me anyhow. And btw, “advice” is hardly ever your own. Usually people get it from something they read or something they’ve heard or been told.

And I don’t write my blog posts to make a profit, now that you mention it. It’s a resource I offer the writing community for free. I continue to write the blog despite all the negative comments I’ve gotten from people so that I can help procrastinating writers out. There are ads, but only for things that I feel are useful for writers and any money I make from that (which I haven’t made any so far) will be going toward keeping the blog up-and-running (b/c it will be moving to its own domain shortly and that costs money to host).

And I said “do what WORKS for you” which means what WORKS–meaning what actually helps you sit down and get writing done. If it’s hindering your writing, then it’s not working, is it?