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Well, Well! Just a note:

Where curvaceous Rib

Once naked and free

Took ravenous bite

From forbidden tree

And caused the fall

Of all mankind,

Now and forever

To be blind.

(Took ravenous bite)

Ingesting deceits lies

(From forbidden tree)

Told by forbidden tree

I’ll explain! In my learning it was not fruit (apple), that eve ate but the lies that Satan told to her to make her disobey God’s instructions. But there again It’s a debate that’s been going on for a long time! LOL

As I was saying Well, Well, I loved it. Delightful wonderful read. Not sure on the “all mankind being blind” as well. I think there are some that know, see and hear God’s Truth.

Off track again…LOL

Nice work as I stated. Loved the over all peace <? and even the flow is easy on the taste-buds. Really adored the first stanze and also to mention the third to last one.

Thanks for posting this joy for all to read and inhale.