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Hi Jayme,

I love David Sedaris. I”ve read all his books, and now just waiting for the next one to be published.

It seems to me that right now you just want to pour it all out. That’s good, but at some point — if you want to publish — you’ll have to find your form. And, it makes it easier on the reader, or the critiquer, to know what you want or where you are going with a piece. Right now, it feels more memoir-like. Unlike autobiography that would be the series of events in your life, often in chronological order, a memoir usually explores one element in your life that has shaped you. In your case, can I hazard to say your mother’s mental illness. A personal essay explores or develops an idea or theme — exploring a feeling, idea or subject in some depth to discover its deeper meaning. Or, to give you another option: a personal experience story, which your original piece could fall into — which is a dramatic account of an experience, adventure, trauma or event in your life told in a series of scenes that build to a crisis, climax and a resolution (in structure and style — dialogue, etc. — like a short story except that it’s based on reality).

Of course, you can write in all these forms. You don’t have to commit to anyone of them, but should for a particular piece. Ask yourself a few question. Why do you want to write about this? What motivates you to write in general? What do you want the reader to go away with? What is this material about? 

Hope this helps.

You’re an extremely good writer, you have a wonderful way with words, that’s a given.

Best, Norah