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Thanks, Jayme.

Wow, if only I could write something that well in an hour.

But, I’m still confused.

I’m assuming, though you’re still being cryptic, Ricky’s death was the cause of your mother’s ‘disturbances’. Do you now know who Ricky was in relationship to your mother? Did you know then? It’s one thing to see his picture, which, of course, is great to see in the flesh, so to speak, and solved one mystery, but we need to understand what significance he played in your mother’s life. As well, what was your reaction when you saw him?

Do you have any insight as to ‘how’ you knew that scene? 

Seems you have a lot of material to flush out making it difficult to focus the story.

I know you want to ‘get it out’, but do you want to shape the material into personal essays? or a memoir?

Best, Norah