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no offense taken, but as far as ‘putting my time into it’, i’ve put 32 years and a hell of alot of blood into it. THAT’S why i said ‘i only wrote this in an hour…i was letting norah know that this was not in my archives, that i’m reaching further than i’ve ever been able to in this portion of my life; it’s not that i didnt care or respect anyone’s time….it was that if i spent any more time looking over it, noone would have ever seen it.

i would have never been brave enough to open this can of worms had i poured over it for hours. it’s my belief that if i shed this FIRST layer, even if by unorthadox means such as allowing my work to be seen in a very unedited manner, i’ll then be brave enough to write a bit more, in addition to delving into this piece further. i figured noone would be offended or mind me saying i wrote if off the top of my head. i figured writers would understand that meant i wrote and posted immediately just to get it out of me before i chickened out, especially considering the crap i’ve seen posted on here that wouldn’t pass as a 6th grader’s work.