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Peaceful Cactus


This is the first time that I’ve given a writing prompt a try in a LONG time. But please, any advice is always welcome.

“Why can’t this be love, like the song?”
“Yeah,” I half grunted my reply to April as I slid my employee key into the lock. There was a heavy click as it turned. I opened the heavy steel door with one hand and took the cigarette that had been dangling from my lips into the other. “After you.”
April sat down next to me at the eight foot marker, I leaned forward and ran my hand through the water, a knife through butter; it was cool and sent shivers through me.
“So, I guess he was upset, huh?” she asked, slipping into the pool up to her shoulders. I joined her, dunking completely under and then popping back up with a splash. “So he really asked you, ‘Why can’t this be love?’”
“I know, funny, right,” I didn’t actually think that it was funny. There hadn’t been anything resembling humor with Troy tonight. “He got pretty agitated; really upset about the whole thing.”
“Are you worried?”
“A little, I mean, for gods sake he thinks that he’s in love with me,” I pushed off of the wall an backstroked towards the middle of the pool. April hesitated at the side of the pool, I could see her staring at me when I craned my neck up and out. I opened my mouth to shout for her to come on, when I ran into something fully with my back. I shreiked and floundered. I could hear April scream my name and then start swimming out toward me. I lunged forward away from whatever I had bumped into and ran into April; I clung to her.
“What…is that?” April reached out and poked the lump floating in the water. I could see that it was roughly the size of a bowling ball. Or a human head.
“Oh God.”
“Christine, is that…?”
“Oh God!” It was a human head. April was shreiking beside me, near hysterical. “April!” She was beginning to really panic, clawing for me, unable to keep herself afloat any longer. I squirmed away from her and circled out around her, moving in quickly behind her take control of the situation. I wrapped one arm around her upper torso, pinnng her arms and began dragging her to the side of the pool where we had left our belongings. When we made it to the concrete ledge, I hoisted her up, sitting her on the side.
It hadn’t been just any head…it had been Troy’s.
By the light of the full bright moon, I had seen Troy”s eyes, rolled to whites and bobbing up and down in the pool. I had also seen something else.
“April, stay right here, or go up on the bench and get dressed, I’ve got to do something,” there was no reply. April shakily stood to her feet and began dressing at the bench. I dove under the water and swam back to Troy’s head.
His brown hair looked black and alive as it swirled in the water. I reached out and grasped it in her hands, cringing. Rolling it around until we were face to face.
There was a message carved deep into his forehead; by the bright light of the moon, I could see the black cuts surrounded by puffed red skin. It seemed that all of the blood had been wiped clean. I read the message and spun, searching the perimeter of the pool for anyone other than April. There wasn’t a soul in sight. I had been worried when Troy had insisted that he was in love with me…and yes my heart aches because he’s dead; but this is a new set of problems, I think as I swim back to April, who is dressed and waiting for me at the bench.
She tells me that she’s called the police. Good. She asks me what it said, and being no reason to lie, I tell her.
“Pleased Christine? Love, Yours.”