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I am new to this, so your thougts are greatly appreciated. But, I definately went over 500 wds. Guess I need to work on that.

Jake McKenzie, Mac to his fellow agents at the FBI, leaned against the brick wall of Al’s Diner. He stood across the street from Dairy Mills swim club, hidden in the shadows. His tall, lean physique was encased from head to toe in black. Invisible, except for the glint from his diamond-stud earring. His assignment: Alex Dupree, pro-football running back for the Carolina Cougars and the newest target of the Dairy Killer. Alex leaned against the door of the swim club, his hands overflowing with towels in one hand and a 6-pack of bottled Corona in the other. At the right of Alex, bent over the keyhole, committing a felony before Jake’s very eyes, was Dupree’s sexy girlfriend. Cassidy Lennox, local disc jockey and former pain in his ass. Presently, a major complication to his plans. His number one rule when working a case. Never mix business with pleasure. Especially when it involved exes. Jake leaned closer to the wall, observing the two burglers. Apparently, Cass had not lost her touch, he thought with irritation, as Alex opened the door to the swim club.

Alex entered the building ahead of Cassidy, racing for the pool.
“Come on, Cassidy,” he laughed while shedding a trail of clothing with each step.
She heard a splash and knew that Alex was naked in the pool.
“Last one in is a rotten egg,” he shouted as he swam further back into the darkness. Goosebumps erupted on her arms. She felt as if she was being watched. Get over it Lennox, she scolded herself.
“Right behind you, Dupree,” she called continuing to look back outside. Any minute now, she expected a police cruiser to come barreling down the paved road, lights ablaze and sirens blaring.
Her anxiety over skinny-dipping was overshadowing her common sense. No one was here. The police were all at the town carnival controlling the crowds. Her fears had nothing to do with getting caught. There was a time when her every waking thought included what law she could break and how she would get away with it. Who was she kidding. This was about embracing her mid-life crisis. She was no spring chicken and the days were long past when she had no qualms about losing her clothes. She had absolutely no desire to get naked with one Alex Dupree. She was quite the rebel when she was a teenager. One part of the town’s rebellious duo. Hell, she still liked to cut loose now and then, only fully clothed. She slid into the water, her eyes squinting in the darkness for Alex’s image.
“Alex, where the hell are you?”
She was not in any mood for his games tonight. Glancing at her waterproof watch, she noticed the time. 12:30am. For crying out loud, she thought to herself. She had to be at the radio station at 4am.
Somewhere off in the distance she heard a noise. Great. Someone else was here.
“Look, I know that we should not be here, but we do not want to cause any trouble. So, we will just leave.” she said trying to focus in the dark. It sounded as if feet were shuffling across the floor. She was shivering, but she did not think that it was from the slightly chilled water. A short, gaspy breath expelled near her left ear. She turned. Something was in the water. Floating. Closer. Was that a mannequin. Alex and his stupid games.
“Alex, if you don’t get out here this second, I am leaving!” she bellowed. She was tired and her eyes were starting to play tricks on her.
“ I mean it. This is not funny.”
Alex did not answer.
The mannequin drifted closer. Jesus, was that a body. A DEAD body. She reached out to touch it and it slowly turned over. Behind her she heard footsteps, only closer.
“Get out of the water and put your hands up where I can see them!”
“Omigod, omigod! Jake is that you?” she said peering down at the now deceased Alex Dupree. Could this get any worse. Yes, apparently it could, as she stepped out of the water sans clothing and hands outstretched. Slowly she looked up and stared into the frigid eyes of her ex-husband. “I can explain.”