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I’m new and feedback is always appreciated.

“It’s too hot.” Marie said holding a glass of iced lemonade to her forehead.
“Want to go for a swim?” I asked.
“Did you buy a pool that you haven’t told me about?”
I only realized that my skin was stuck to the chair after I got up, but the pain went away quickly as I felt a drop of sweat making its way between my breasts to soak my bra.
“Come on, I know the perfect place where we can cool off.”
“I’m too hot to argue with you. Take me to this paradise.” Marie said.
I went inside to get a couple of towels. When I came out Marie was waiting for me to take her on an adventure. Well, maybe not as exciting as ski diving but the outdoor neighbourhood pool would have to do.
“We can’t go in there. Well get arrested for trespassing.” Marie said standing in front of the fence.
I threw the towels over the fence, “Look, my towels fell behind the fence. I’m going to have to go get them.” I started to climb. “Come on, nobody will see us, it’s after midnight and the deep end of the pool is in total darkness.”
I didn’t wait for her; I needed to cool off before I exploded. I took off my shorts and T-shirt as I ran to the pool. I didn’t care anymore, the hot flashes from menopause were driving me crazy and this heat wasn’t helping.
I hit the water and it was instant gratification.
I floated on my back for a minute. I heard a splash, Marie had finally made it. I swam underwater to find my friend. I found her with no effort at all.
I grabbed her leg and yanked down.
“Got you.” I said shaking her leg.
Behind me Marie said, “Who are you talking too?”
I let go of the leg and swam as quickly as I could to the edge of the pool where Marie was standing. I lifted myself up and in seconds I was standing beside her.
“There’s somebody in there.” I pointed at the pool.
“I know.”
“What do you mean you know?” I started to back up slowly.
“It’s Fran. I killed her tonight and your next.” She started coming towards me.
“Are you out of your mind?” Marie whom I’ve known for the last ten years had gone over the deep end figuratively speaking.
“I saw you and Fran with my husband, laughing at me. I’ve been following you and I know you’re having an affair.”
“We weren’t talking about you. We…”
“Don’t try to deny it.”
I could see something in her hand as she came towards me.
I turned and ran towards the fence. If only I had lost these thirty pounds I could run faster.
I tripped and fell flat on my stomach.
She was on top of me. I tried to tell her that we were planning a surprise party for her fiftieth birthday.
The brick she was holding came down on my head and everything went dark.