Re: RE: Superman



After watching “Superman Returns”, I was wondering, has the world stopped loving perfect heroes?

We live in tough times.  Post-modernity made it wrong to think that any one particular thing is right (that means that other people are wrong!) and so perfection is indefinable. To claim any particular moral standard is correct is to impose your views on others.  In such a muddled context, the perfect hero is just inconceivable.  [/mini rant]

It’s all about the angst.  Heroes have to suffer.  Superman only faces the risk of little green rocks, his identity exposed, and having to deal with a romantic interest too stupid to recognize her beloved in glasses with a different ‘doo.  (This is said not having seen the new movie, because I’m too Superman-ed out for $7.50 plus the evil popcorn urge.  Why, oh why, can’t there be popcorn and non-popcorn theatres?  I wouldn’t want it if I didn’t smell it and hear everyone else eating it.)

Batman may not have super powers, but his reliance on gadgets makes it more plausible to think “Hey, with one of those spiffy grappling hooks and that cool cape…”  Quotha Batman Begins,  “I gotta get me one of those.”