Re: RE: Superman



Ames – 2006-07-25 10:51 PM

That always bothered me about Batman! How can he be a superhero if he has no superpowers?

Simple – he uses his intelligence and the vast resources of Wayne Enterprises to figure out what the bad guys are doing. That’s one thing I was so happy about Batman Begins getting right – Batman is a detective in a lot of ways. He investigates things, puts the clues together, and then brings the pain to the bad guys. Batman is hands down my favorite superhero and has been since I was a kid. Batman Begins is absolutely fantastic as both a Batman film and as a pure cinematic experience.

Superman I think can be boring because he truly is invincible. When he’s met a foe that was his equal then he had to think about it and come up with a different way of defeating the challenge versus picking them up and tossing them off into space. While I love the original two movies and highly enjoyed Superman Returns I don’t think he’s been truly challenged on film yet. The closest he’s come were the supervillains in Superman II.

I’d also like to take a moment to state for the record that I’m only passingly familiar with the comics of both characters but I’m a complete film fanatic. The result is I’m vastly more familiar with the movies which prompted me to brush up on the source material. 🙂