Re: RE: Superman


Steven Goldsberry

Spiderman is also one of my favorites, and part of Marvels move to create more flawed characters to attract more adieunces back when DC was king.

Another example in where people prefer to flawed characters that they can relate to.

On the other hand, the reason i enjoy Superman because i admire him. I awe at his powers, i wish i could be him, as good and pure as him. I wish i could rescue and have the power to protect people like him. I wish if i had the powers, i would so greedless and ‘right’ i would actually go save people instead of use it for my own cause.

I enjoy Spider man on a different level, although i do wish i could have his powers, when watching, I am more interested about what’s wrong with Peter Parker. When watching Superman, it’s always been a sense of wonder and i never wondered to myself why they didn’t make it more ‘realistic’, like they did Batman.