Re: RE: Superman



Jamesaritchie – 2006-07-26 3:21 AM Superman has always been just a little too super for me. I’ll take Batman every time. Spiderman is good just because the character is so cool. I like Wolverine, but the rest of the X-men are cartoons. The closer a super hero is to an ordinary man, the better I like him. Give me Batman, Captain America, and Green Arrow, and you can have Superman. It’s not that I don’t like perfect heroes, it’s that I don’t like heroes who have so much power they really aren’t human.

I basically agree with what you say here. The difference to me is that the powers of Superman may be unbelievable, but his humanity is real. He sets a standard that is impossible to achieve but should be everyone’s goal: to be compassionate, honest, loyal and morally just. It is not his physical powers that make Superman my hero, it is the inner qualities that he portrays that attract me. Men like Batman act out of revenge, or some other less-than-perfect motive; Superman is perfection with a human core.