Re: RE: Superman



Jamesaritchie – 2006-07-26 11:21 AM

Superman has always been just a little too super for me. . . .
The closer a super hero is to an ordinary man, the better I like him.

IMO, that is the key. Readers (or viewers, to a lesser degree) want to relate to the hero. Or at least to a major character. We can relate to Batman, he may be wealthy, but he is one of us. And Spidey and Wolverine have issues (Don’t we all?).

Don’t get me wrong, even super-Superheroes like Superman will have a following because they’re “good” or “right”. And when Superman was created the only (accepted, acknowledged) problem in the world was the rise of Axis powers with technology far superior to ours, the need for invincibility was paramount. But, as SK mentioned in his Dark Tower series “The world has moved on.” Actually, how about Roland Deschains as hero’s go?

It isn’t really as simple as it was then (It wasn’t simple then, but who knew?). It was a clearer and more straightforward time. Today’s heros need more depth, and some fallability to be believable.

Just adding my 2 cents.