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I plopped down on the sunken old couch that sat upon the hideous shag carpet, which was painfully orange and stained I must add. I didn’t particularly seem to care that I was on top of a few cracked rice cakes because after all, it was good ol’ Saint Patty’s day yesterday. The phone rang from the depths of the shag covered floor, a somewhat piercing noise in my state. I grabbed the phone after the third ring and pressed the sticky green button. “Hey chica!” I knew it was Izzy, as she’s the only person I know that calls anyone ‘chica’. I answered with a lackadaisical “hey” and got comfortable since the shortest our conversations were was around 3,000 seconds or so. Having no recollection of the previous night, I asked, “So, what went down last night? Cuz I honestly have no clue.” Izzy, somehow with a certain exuberance in her voice explained, “Well, you at least remember it was Saint Patrick’s Day yesterday right? Mkay, so you and me and Laura went over to Cole’s house since she was having the awesome party. We just hung out for a while.. then we went out in the back yard and I don’t know where they got it but these guys pulled out one of those little ‘Slip-n-Slide’ kid things. Well, we were a little bit tipsy by then, so of course, you were like 3rd in line to go on the Slip-n-Slide. We all did that about 20 times before getting bored and finally everyone got a little cold and decided to go back inside. You’re pants were soaked, so you asked to go change in my car.. I said sure but you didn’t have anything else to change into. I had a skirt on and you wandered around in underwear for a while, nothin bad happened, and by about 3AM I dropped you off at your place. That’s about it.” I wasn’t too incredibly surprised, and glad nothing happened with some guy or something. Then, I had a realization, but a very literal one. I looked down, and saw that I still had only a t-shirt and my watermelon underwear. “Dangg! So you have my pants? I didn’t even notice they were missing till you called.”