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Elibet & Buttered Toast – thanks 🙂

drwasy – i agree with you about the parenthesis. i’ll remove them. about the title, i had initially chosen it because of the action, to spring, because of the gymnast, and the choice it would mean to spring, but she had no choice. My next idea was that of the season spring. At the beginning of the poem, the gymnast is living in the winter.. life is going well, plain, each step planned. In the spring, everything changed, and when the ‘he’ died, her life metamorphosized, and she crashed into reality.

about the doctors lay his chain line, i was trying to show that the ‘he’ was dying of a disease/cancer/condition,etc. if the doctors are laying his chain, they are tying him down and restricting him (not literally). almost like being given a death sentence. it’s imprisoning.

thank you for the comment!