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Hi Layne, Congratulations on all your success. Try to find a mentor at your college who will give you some direction and walk you through the process. Ask if any faculty member would be interested in letting you take an independent study course, specifically on your writing. Also look for some other college students who are interested in writing, perhaps the newspaper staff. The university library staff can be very helpful in technology, setting up a website…. It might be worth a trip to campus to meet with key faculty and staff, or a couple phone calls this summer before the big rush in the fall.

I agree with Pegs. This forum has many professionals who are making their living by writing. It is a place to be humble and learn. Georganna recently posted a list of musts for new writers. I recommend you also sign up for her blog. The list included starting your own website and blog, and several other tips for building a community.

Good luck. Mary