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Lord Terpsichorean – 2008-11-10 1:50 AM

Nothing starts the day better than the caustic taste of gun oil on the palate. I’ve been there.

Have you considered changing your title to Soul Survivor?


Hi LT,

To be honest, I never really considered the title as it is.  I guess I always saw this guy as the one left behind.  Like a kid who fell off the hayride, and is running to try and catch back up again to the rest of his friends as they bump along and reach out in exhortation.  The house is like his dog, having leaped off to be with him, and now running along side him.  A lot of love surrounding the whole scenario, never allowing any of them to separate in truth, until he and his dog finally get back on the wagon again in the end.

Sometimes it takes falling off to teach us not to lean too far over the edge as we work through our fascination of where we aren’t and what we don’t have.  In the end, though, none of us ever really leave the ride.  We just learn what that ride had always entailed, as opposed to what we believed it would be.  In this case, the full expression of this family involved more and less than any of them could’ve imagined.