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Two perfectly normal weeks…all built on perfection, and do you wish to know what makes me loathe them? I guess it is the fact that as each of my trash days approached, something told me something would cause me great disturbance. And the funny thing, is that when I came home from work on each of those days…the first thing I noticed was that everyone’s trash but mind had been taken! How do you think that happened, cause I know I didn’t have a clue.
Now, this wouldn’t have been much bother if it weren’t for two things: one was that every time a neighbor greeted me, they remarked politely on how ‘odd’ it smelled, and two was that there was something smelly about it…and it wasn’t last week’s fish.
As the third week approached, I made sure I set my trash out decently, I even went as far as to spray some of that scented fabric junk on it before I left for work.
I came home and was absolutely angered when I saw that not only was last week’s trash still there and the week’s before, but this weeks. DId I mention that everyone elses was gone?!

Now was the time for action! Now I was passed the point of worrying over the neighbors thoughts!
As the following week’s trash day approached, I set my mind firmly to believing I was going to stopper this nonsense once and for all!

When the morning dawned I got up and took my usual shower, then slipped into a pair of jeans and a green tank top.
“This is the day! Your day!” I said to myself as I stood on my porch, eyes firmly on the end of the street.
When the garbage truck finally came into view, I clamped my hands firmly in fists, walking down to the curb and then holding out one hand in a sort of wave.
I watched impatiently as the truck slowly made its way down, finally coming to a stop in front of me.
A tall man with short, black hair and startling green eyes stepped in front of me, a smile on his face.
“Sir, the passed three weeks my trash has sat and-” I began sternly, but didn’t have time to finish as his arm slid smoothly around my waist, pulling me against him.
“And here I thought you were ignoring me and my good looks still Diane!” He murmured before giving me the most passionate kiss I have ever had.

You may think I am crazy, but now he’s my husband, and I am far happier than I have ever been…
What can I say…he made me swoon.