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What great advice and laughs you’ve all provided in reply!

I’m publishing through iUniverse and just before submitting had gone in and changed “sneaked” to “snuck” at my friend’s suggestion. Then I had writer’s regret and have been strongly considering changing back to my original “sneaked” because, darn it, I just like it best. I will have one last pass at making final corrections in a couple of weeks before my book goes “live.”

In the scope of things, I guess I’ll leave it as is, because referencing the posts above, it said that “snuck” is commonly used in fiction, so I should be okay.

iUniverse allows 50 final corrections for free. More than 50 have to be paid for.  I shall leave my former sneaked as snuck and save my 50 for other atrocities. haha

Thanks all!


P.S. Another thing I changed at the last minute that I also didn’t like was “blonde” to “blond.”  I like it better with the “e” .  Sigh