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Shaka – 2007-07-18 6:41 PM

Michael, I appreciate your position over loss of time. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much you can do to affect publishers, agents and editors. Good luck in finding one, though.

Hey Judith,

I don’t think there’s much I can do — in the short term at least — about the habits of publishers, agents, and editors, either.  But!  Given the fact that many successful writers had to submit their works repeatedly before getting a taker means that, if one plays the one-at-a-time game the way it is today and encounters similar results, it could take years before one finds even an agent willing to take on the writer.  Do the math.  At 3 months per agent, that’s 4 agents per year.  What if you finally get lucky with your 8th query?  You’ve waited two years just for an agent to be willing to try to find a publisher for your work.  Add in another — what?  Six months?  A year?  For the agent to find a publisher?  And then another six months to a year before the book makes it to the stands?  At least, by playing the SS game, you’ve possibly knocked a couple years — or more — off the front end of this process.

Here’s something else I don’t understand.  I hear and read many writers who say they write because of, I don’t know, various reasons, fill in the blank.  Good ones, I’ll accept that.  Many of these same writers will tell you that they do it for these reasons and that the money isn’t the main issue or isn’t important.  Yet often these same writers will admit that they wish they could write full time.  If only they could spend more time at it because they love it so much.  If only it could become a career . . .  ???  Excuse me, but if one is interested in being a full-time writer, then they must, out of necessity (unless they are independently wealthy) be concerned about that dirty little word: income.  It becomes a business, plain and simple.  So, once again, here’s my point: no business that I know of will willingly allow a revenue-generating commodity it owns to sit on a shelf, not collecting revenue, when it can be out in the marketplace collecting revenue.  Because any owner of a business who wants to stay in business also understands that which I mentioned in my previous post.  It is not possible to make up for lost time.  Which means that it is also not possible to make up for lost income due to lost time.  Just something we all should think about — those of us who dare to dream about making a few bucks in this game someday, that is.