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One tile. That’s all that he put down. Just one tile and I wanted to wring his little neck.
“How on earth did you just get 27 points?”
He just smiled.
“Fine,” I said, “that’s how you want to play it? Bring it on, buster.”

Looking at my tiles, I began to panic. Four a’s, an x, and two p’s. What on earth was I going to do. He was already beating me and I did not intend to lose.

He smiled again. More of a smirk, actually. “What’s the matter? Have to forfeit the turn?”
I began to sweat. Would I have to lose a turn? No! That couldn’t happen. Just then I noticed the lone e all by itself, sitting next to a triple word score. Sweet! I placed two tiles down to spell out ‘axe’.

“Read it and weep, sucker!”

I stood up and did a happy dance, singing “thirty points, thirty points, I just got thirty points”.

My 10-year old nephew began to cry. His little shoulders shook with every sobbing breath as he looked at me like I’d just killed his pet turtle.

My stomach turned. My heart broke. My ego crushed. “Oh baby, I’m so sorry,” I began. “I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. I’m so sorry. Look, we’ll stop now and you’re still ahead, so that means you win.” I tried to comfort him and put my arms around him. He continued to shake.
But, wait a minute…that didn’t sound like crying. Moving away from him, I saw the glimmer in his eye and knew I’d been had.

“Now who’s the sucker?”