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JasonFontaine – 2009-03-23 2:14 PM Sam’s Ice Cream *** Simple Sam With Ice Cream in hand Watching it melt “Is this a feeling you’ve ever felt?” says Sam Take a stand for simple Sam Special indeed Not like us. No need for greed No need for speed Sam was slow His mind was unable to grow And Sam never knew What the power of this mind could do Like going to war. Starting a fight Racing a bike Having something you did not like Winning a race Lying to your face This was something Sam couldn’t know Sam was slow Standing wet in a pouring rain Sam never complained Wasn’t vain Simple Sam with Ice Cream in hand Pointed at and called insane Unable to be like all of us Never to argue. Never to fuss Sam smiled Never did Sam have our style Never produced that which is vile Somebody take a stand For that which is slow Unable to think but someone who knows That which is special That which is Sam Oblivious to it all with Ice Cream in hand *** I knew Sam in High School. He arrived on the “smaller bus”. If you’ve never spent a day with a special needs person – you are really missing out. They have some of the best insight into this crazy world. I’ve spent many long hours with Sam – and he’s one of the “brightest” people I know. FIND YOUR MESSAGE!

Jason, this is so sweet. Yes, I have a niece that has a slow handicap, and I understand well

how precious they are and how smart compared to some of us that have to get ours from books.LOL!

A well delivered poem and a great subject. Keep writing, I love reading your poems.:)