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I was so excited, afterall fourth of July had always been my favorite one day holiday, (besides Christmas that gave me two weeks off of school!) I just turned seventeen, and decided it was time to grow up, so I invited my best friend Patrick over and told him to bring his own fireworks. Afterall, Patrick alawys did have the best fireworks, and I thought how cool it would be to have my very own firework show at my house.
Our next door neighers the McLees alawys had the most colorful fireworks, not the mention the loundest ones. If there was a contest on our street, the McLees won every year since they moved in three years ago.
It was definantly time for a change, and I knew I was part of it.

At 10:45pm Patrick rang the doorbell, forgeting my baby sister was fast asleep. Annoyed, and rather irritaded, I answered the door reluctly, and rather quickly. I did want to see the fireworks, that and Patrick usually kept ringing the doorvell, if you didn’t answer quick enough.

“Bree’s sleeping’, I hissed under my breath.
Patrick just shrugged, his hands holding a gignomous bag of most likly illegal fireworks. He usually shopped for fireworks with his cousins at the indian border. I never did that kind of stuff. Thats why I invited Patrick,who did. Who wanted to see waterfountains, when they could see black cats, and everything else exoploding right in your face! Not that litteraklly in your face, though. I’m really not a firework lunatic, I just get a little excited when I’m around what i like to call, “explostives”.

“So?”, Patrick seemed uneasy, “Can I come in?”, I hesitated. If my parents who were in the house saw fireworks and Patrick , they would easily put two and two together.
Last time Patrick nearly burned his tree down infront of hgis house. His parents went on and on about how they had to call the fire apartment to put on the hugemous fire, on a nearly fourteen foot tree. And it wasn’t that great that my parents and his are suchbgood friends. For then it wasn’t so long after Patrick’s “accident” that my parents were warning me about Patrick and his “firework problem”.

After a few moments of thought, I devised a serective plan to hide the fireworks in my room, under my bed. Patrick agreed, because the only alternative was hiding them under a bush outside. And with little sibluings, which I have three, (and one older whose moved out), and Patrick’s paranoida of the police finding it in a bush with hound dogs., we decided to go with my plan.

After the fireworks were saftly put under my bed, and Caven was in the bathroom, so the fact we share a room, wouldn’t get him suspious, and do something stupid, like find my lighter, and start lighting up the illegal fireworks. Man, I thought, wouldn’t that get dad mad! I’d be the one to blame!

We walked downstairs, and Patrick complained about being hungry. I told him I already cut watermelon, so we walked in the kitchen, to find Shannon already eatting all my watermelon!
“Shannon, I thought you were asleep like mom and dad!”, Shannon just kept eatting all of it, and answerd through a mouthful of watered melon.
“I was, but then i woke up, and was so thirsty”, slurp, slup, “And then I saw all this watermelon”
Patrick gave me a look, and just laughed.
“Its okay”, he smiled, and dug it with the rest. After we were finished, we watched upstairs sneakily, only to find out Caven didn’t go back to sleep, he was gone, but the bag of fireworks! was where it had last been.

We went outside with the bag, and Patrick lit off fireworks, as the others arrived. It was beauiful, blues the color of the ocean, and reds the shade of bright bricks, yellows shiny and bright, jungle greens, orangy- oranges, and voliets and purples! All shades, all contase taking my eyes to a far away place.

Just when I thought life couldn’t get much better, it got worse. We first heard a sound like a real explosion. A bif, “Boom!” Then with fight we saw the McLees roof on fire. I looked around, wondering how this could’ve happened to find in the black sky a scared wisper or more ofd a wimber. “Rian, I’m scared!”
Just as I made my way to my little brother hiding behind a bush, shaking like crazy. I inored my friends, who followed me and listened to Caven’s shaken up words. “It was accisent”, tears welled up in his sky blue eyes, and I reached over, and and put my arm around his shoulder to suport him and encourage him to contiunue to talk.

“I stole… some of your fireworks, and …lit them with your lighter”, I rememberd my lighter was no where to be found, but I used Patrick’s, and figured just misplaced it. I needed to encourage him, he seemed so shaken, and scared beyond words.

“I know, Its all my fault Caven. I should’ve been more careful”, He wiped at his wet eyes, a little more relaxed then before. And I continued, talking calmly, and with gently “Its my resbonsibly to makre sure I’m a good example for you, and I didn’t do that this time”. He nodded sadly, and wiped at his eyes again, but just welled up more.

“Will…will the McLees..have to move again?”, he was friends with their young son his age, Trever.
“I don’t know”, I said honestly. Caven winced, but said nothing.
I huged him, and asked if he knew if the fire department was called. He said not yet, he had been too scared to do anything but hide. By then all the McLees were out of the house. I went inside grabbed my cell phone, witha group of friends behind me, and called 9-1-1.

After the awkward call, I joined the McLees, apolizing to them. They had a girl my age, and she wouldn’t even look at me. “I’m sorry Skylar”, she was in her own lieele world, tears emerging from her eyes. I coiuld’ve said so many things. That I was sorry I nrever asked herb out, that I was sorry I wanted sio bad to be popular, and be friends with people my parents said weren’t my real friends, I missed out on something that could’ve been so beauiful.

“I’m sorry Mr. Mclee, Mrs. McLee”, they nodded in a state of shock, all in tears. There i was by all my “friends”, with the girl I never knew I wanted, and the group I wanted since I was partically born. They came to me, asking me to hang with them, to see what ws going on, this and that. I just said, ‘Sorry, I’m…busy”, and went back to the circle I belonged with the McLees, and my little brother Caven, Patrick on the near my house, just waiting.

I was waiting to, for forgivness, for life, for a change of mind, for a new direction. I was waiting for it all, as I told myself that this wasn’t the end of life as I knew it. It was the new beginning.