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Mikala Engel

It’s been my experience that after you meet a couple of dozen famous people you soon start wishing you’d never met the first one, and pray you’ll never meet another.

Some are nice enough, but a fair number of them do let it all go to their heads.

Honestly, the fascination with the famous really makes me wonder just what people are thinking. I understand wanting to talk to someone who might have great philosophical things to say, or who might give great writing advice, or who really is a hero, or who made great sacrifices for mankind, but the fascination with people simply because they can sing or act is, I think, a bit weird.

People actually watch shows such as Extra, Hollywood Insider, or whatever that thing is called, buy fan magazines, stand in line for hours just to catch a glimpse of someone, and are so caught up that paparazzo drive the very people the fans admire crazy just to get one picture for millions to talk about.