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I, too, am a huge fan of Chris Rock and if I met him I’d probably be so excited that I’d tell everyone I knew at least twice… (I can be very repetitive). I understand that famous people are just people just like us, but when I’m given the opportunity to meet somebody whose talent and success I admire, I can become giddy and I secretly hope that I’m catching their creative energy. A week ago today, I met Augusten Burroughs and got my picture taken with him. I’m still feeling the high. Not because I think it’s exciting to meet someone famous, but because I think it ROCKS (pun intended) to meet someone who you truly admire, and I la-la-la LOVE Augusten Burroughs writing.

My husband cries at every Packer game and seriously, if he met Brett Favre I don’t know what he’d do. Die maybe?

I don’t think being excited about this type of thing is bragging, it’s just very exciting! I’d love to meet Chris Rock! And don’t get me started on Elvis. I’m convinced that when I die (and if I go to Heaven) that I’m going to hang out with Anne Frank a lot. She will be my best friend. I admire her to pieces.

Congrats on your memoir!