Re: RE: Roald Dahl



Elibet – 2007-06-05 6:22 PMJill,
Your expansion of what I wrote has nothing to do with me. Your opinion of what I was thinking
is way out of line.

“Idunno, I think that’s silly – I mean, to expand on that, you might aswell not buy anything from a children’s author who has children,because they’ve obviousy done the nasty, and have probably used somemedia in their time. Maybe not of course, but maybe yes. Or not lettingyour children read the Alice books because Lewis Carroll was apedophile. Or not watching Disney movies because Walt Disney is thoughtto have been an anti-semite.

I never said any of that or thought any of that. I simply stated that if I was to be honest I
would probably not buy his children’s books. That said, I do have his books and have not yet
tossed them out. My thoughts were that if the erotica was bad enough to shock a man it’s
worth taking into consideration the character of the person writing books for children. I am a
Christan and that’s just my nature. You might be surprized to learn that I am a mother and I
write for children. So, according to your expansion I shouldn’t buy my own books 🙂 Now, THAT”S silly.

I meant thanks for the warning about the documentary. I would have hated to see that.


I understand and respect your point of veiw, I’m just expanding on the idea that if you knew about this private part of a man’s life before knowing baout his books, you would have opted to not buy them – yet they are great children’s books, and I think it would have been a great loss for your  children. I’m not trying to put words in your mouth (sorry if it sounded like I did), but it seems to me that if you’re going to do that, you might as well just go all the way and not allow any media into your house at all, as long as their creators did something you don’t morally agree with. I mean, obviously it’s an extreme, and yo wouldn’t, but do you see my point?
And yes, by my logic, you wouldn’t buy your own books. And that would be silly. =)