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SDToad – 2007-06-13 1:13 PM

Ok. Maybe a dumb question.
When I revise a manuscript, I have to be standing up leaning against the counter. I read it aloud and/or in my head. I find I concentrate better this way. I can’t revise anything lying down becuase I ‘ll get a headache. What about you all?

I’m all for reading it aloud. It’s the only way I can check the rhythm of how it reads before I let someone else read it. As far as my habits other than that, it depends on what I’m checking for in the revision. Tone? Unecessary words (adjectives/adverbs), phrases, cliches, etc.? Continuity?

I write all over the place: coffee shops, work, the bus, the park, the train, Mall of America, diners, bus stop benches, on the curb of a neighboorhood street, etc., Whichever atmosphere fits what I’m writing. I don’t write in my apartment regularly. Revisions, however, are ALWAYS done in my apartment. To save paper and eye strain, I’ll revise one chapter on my laptop and the next I’ll print out. I keep alternating. I’m either at my desk or on my bed when I’m revising.