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Hey msova,

This is just my opinion, but as a rule of thumb, I don’t care for prologues. I’d rather just jump into the story at chapter one.

I generally find prologues a waste of time — if it’s to give a peek into a scene or event that will happen later in the story, then by the time I get to that point in the story, the prologue has been pointless. The story has led me to the same place, and the events get repeated during the course of the story. So why did I need to know about the events before-hand?

At best, I think a prologue should be a short ‘tease’ to maybe set the tone of the story. I’m sorry, but a 4,300 word prologue loses me, especially one with all this backstory and slow pace — a baseball game, a call, a meandering drive over with his thoughts wandering far afield. What’s the point?

Don’t get me wrong, your piece is written well enough, but I think if you’re committed to a prologue and going for something to intrigue your readers and lure them into the story, then I think you could capture the same effect with just the last paragraph or two, re-worded a bit: You’ve got ‘him’ at the scene, he’s nervous, and then he finds the body. That’s really all that matters, I think.  To me, everything else is just ‘throat-clearing’, to use the common phrase.

Of course, this is just my opinion…


Edited because I evidently hate prologues so much that I can’t even spell the word correctly.  It’s ‘prologue’, not ‘prolouge’.  Sheesh…