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Ann Emmert Abbott

I must have missed something along the way — where is someplace I shouldn’t be going, besides the men’s rooms?  Even then …

I’ve written on some pretty dicey, esoteric, far-out topics, but I never felt uncomfortable.  The subjects of interviews?  Yes!  Most certainly.  Especially the nut who claimed to be able to burn water (I have the photos), and the man who kept his phone in a blanket chest because “they” were listening to him through it.  An editor actually sent me on those missions of madness. 

But researching voodoo and black magic was really fun.  Learning about early hip replacement surgery was so interesting. Going treasure diving with a man accused by the state of Florida as being a “pirate” — priceless! 

Where shouldn’t a writer go or what shouldn’t a writer research?  That’s the joy of journalism, IMHO.