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Georganna – 2008-05-27 9:56 PM

To quote one of the icons of my youth –“What? Me worry?”

I’ve probably been on every watch list since the 50s.

In the 60s, while a Navy wife, I participated in a peace march, had anti-war posters in our Navy housing window, and belonged to Another Mother for Peace.

In the 70s I was active in registering blacks to vote and other civil rights doings. In Florida.

In the 80s it was nuclear freeze (we were all on an FBI list).

In the 90s it was War No More (or something like that). The fall of communism took care of that one.

Now I’m resting. Whew!

Gosh Georganna, that is one impressive list. Those experiences must have given you quite the fuel for stories then and now.

Y B paranoid if you’re not doing anything wrong? Tap my phone. Read my email. I have absolutely nothing to hide.