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Mikala Engel

That “unwanted attention” Clancy received probably helped sell a hundred thousand or more extra books.

There’s a bill now pending that would keep a complete database of every e-mail sent, and of every cell phone call made. My experience is that no one even thinks about such a law unless the technology to enforce it is already in place, and is already being used.

And to quote from a TV show I watched last night, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.”

Me, I don’t worry about it. The Anarchist’s Cookbook is all over the internet, and what writer of mystery, thriller, or adventure novels doesn’t own a copy? How hard is it to build a dirty bomb, or to manufacture poison gasses of various types from common ingredients? Really, even a simple nuclear device is fairly easy to build. It’s getting your hands on the uranium that’s tough. But wouldn’t you research it, if your novel demanded such knowledge?