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Plabius – 2009-03-26 9:02 PM

The_Penciled_One – 2009-03-26 7:48 PM Plabius, For give me for calling you out, but are you catholic by chance? I only ask since, you mentioned the catholic bible.

You are forgiven, you little scrub.

The answer is yes and no.  While I have converted — intellectually, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually — to Catholicism, I have not yet been received into the Catholic Church.  I am not a confirmed Catholic.

The priests to whom I have spoken about my desire to enter the Church aren’t quite sure what to do with me.  One of them said that sending me through the RCIA program would be like sending a fifth grader through kindergarten, and that the Church needs to address me on my level.  Another asked me if I’ve ever considered entering the priesthood, because I should be teaching the faithful, by now.

My philosophical and theological development surpasses that of the average priest, so they are a little stumped.  Because of this, I have not begun a formal process for entering the Church.

So … how are you, kid? 

Christ washed feet, you can sit through the remedial courses–you might be there to help along the next pope with a well timed bit of information.