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supernerd – 2009-03-25 7:51 AM

I asked my brother-in-law (a preacher) how are we to NOT judge people when it’s so easy we do it most times without realizing we’re even doing it. He told me that merely seeing a person in sin is not judgement. But to apply an excuse or reason to their situation is judgement. He said it’s weighing someone else’s situation (which we as humans have no right to do). For example: Joe the Logger (no plummers here;) ) is having an affair. That’s a sin we see. It’s fact. Joe the Logger is having an affair because his wife is a cold fish. That’s a judgement.

That cleared things up for me. But what do y’all think? Is he right? Is he wrong?

Yep Supernerd,
I think he’s pretty close. We can all ‘see’ Joe Logger is in adultry, but it’s what we do with that information that decides if we are judging or not. For me if Joe is a Christian I may be called on to minister the Word to him via the Holy Spirit. Most times though we humans want to jump up and say, Joe you’re a sinner and you’re going to hell if you don’t repent and quit your adultry! That’s judgement. The Holy Spirit never sounds like that. He is gentle, loving and kind. He may not use another Christain at all to intervene. But whichever tool He uses He always leaves the door open, after convicting Joe, to chose what way he is going to go. he never forces His will on any of us.
That’s my understanding:)