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pat roe – 2009-03-24 8:03 PM

Hi Raymondstary,

More accurately, He dealt mercifully with the repentant.

Does that statement mean: If a person has committed great atrocities and at the very last moment of his life, he asks forgiveness and repents his atrocities against mankind, he is forgiven. Some religion teach this ‘absolute’ without saying ‘only if you’re heart is true, this will this occur.’

Confession and repentance should not be synonymous.

Please enlighten me. 



I know you asked your question of Ray, but I’m not sure what you are asking. Are you saying that a person has to do more than confess and ask forgivness? i.e. believe that Christ Jesus is able to save them.

As I read it no one knows the heart of man except God alone. So even those who confess Christ don’t know their own heart. That’s why it takes God’s Holy Spirit to lead and guide us all of our days. Left on our own we will always revert to the old man. Doing things through our own understanding, weights and scales.