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I remember an incident in a church a few years ago. We had a man who came into the service with his aunt. He went up to the front when the salvation call was given. He was sweating profusely and very uncomfortable. Before anyone knew what happened he was slithering with great speed beneath the pews and screaming causing people to jump up onto the pews to escape him. It was like something out of a horror movie. I tell you what, it was instantly clear who had trust in God and who had been playing games:)

    Eeek… Yeah, that does sound creepy. What happened? Did he slither out the back door and run off? Or did someone take control of the situation.

  I’ve heard numerous stories of similar incidents.While I would LOVE to be there to see God work in those situations, I think I would initially be a little creeped out.

Demons can control people who open themselves up to be controlled. In much the same way, we can allow God to take control over our lives. The difference is, God won’t force us to do anything against our will. We have to willingly submit ourselves to be used of Him.