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Thanks Pat, and Angel. I agree:)

That scripture is very interesting to me because there are so many hurting people who behave like dogs (vicious ) and pigs (unclean) but who are basically crying inside for someone to save them from their hell. I know that it is not God’s will that any be lost so how are these people reached? I believe the only sure way is to let the Holy Spirit lead, guide and perform the whole encounter. I’m thinking of the demoniac, no one could get near him, or for that matter wanted to get near him. But Jesus not only got near him He managed to deliver and save him. It can only be Jesus in us who reaches those in such darkness. A religious spirit could get you maimed or prematurely killed.

I remember an incident in a church a few years ago. We had a man who came into the service with his aunt. He went up to the front when the salvation call was given. He was sweating profusly and very uncomfortable. Before anyone knew what happened he was slithering with great speed beneath the pews and screaming causing people to jump up onto the pews to escape him. It was like something out of a horror movie. I tell you what, it was instantly clear who had trust in God and who had been playing games:)

In the book of Acts when the seven were chosen to continue the ministry of the Word (evangelizing) the first requirement was that they be full of the Holy Spirit and the second was wisdom. All there were saved and serving the Lord, but they looked for those among themselves that had fullness of Spirit and wisdom to send out. We are all called to be salt and light, but there are also giftings and callings, Romans 12. We are not all endowed with every gifting or calling, but each as God has decided is equiped for the work set before him.

The bottom line is God can and will use a donkey to warn those who are going in the wrong direction. It is God’s work and He gives us the privilege to work with Him.

Just a thought, when I think of Balaam’s donkey, that poor donkey was beaten mercilessly until the angel of the Lord opened his master’s eyes.
Only at that point did Balaam stop and turn around.