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Mikala Engel

moko – 2007-01-13 9:49 PM

Okay, I know these will sound dumb to most if not all of you, but I have to find out:

I was looking up submissions guidelines (my new obsession) for magazines. In one US mag, it asked for hard copy submissions only. It also requested No IRC’s please. What is an IRC? As it was in with the mailing instructions, I was thinking no registered mail? Can someone help me out?

Also, I have seen a few references now for hard copy submissions requiring US postage, and referring to a website where this is available. I’m wondering whether this is something only available over the net, or whether post offices would carry them? (I planned to check with my PO here, but thought someone might be able to fill me in) Is this for US stamps? Any idea why US postage is required? I have submitted to US stuff before, without needing US postage, (though that was early last year) so I’m confused. Not that it matters too much, as I plan to follow instructions to the letter, but wanting to know all the same.



An IRC is an International Reply Coupon.

You can buy them at the post office in most countries, and each one takes the place of a single first class stamp.  Many magazines and publishers do allow their use, but some do not because they must be taken to teh post office and redeemed.  Many small post offices do not carry IRCs, and look at you like you’re an idiot when you ask about them, or try to redeem one.

And trips to the post office take time, especially if there is no post office close to you, so some magazines do not accept them.